Jimmie Vaughan - Celebration Series

Date: Friday Oct 04, 2019
Time: 8:00 PM
Price: $22 - $42.50
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Jimmie Vaughan is the co-founder of the Fabulous Thunderbirds and the biggest inspiration for his younger brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Far more than just one of the greatest and most respected guitarists in the world of popular music, he is, says Guitar Player magazine "a virtual deity -- a living legend." Jimmie Vaughan is a four-time Grammy winner and is considered the preeminent exponent of the Texas Blues.

When it comes to the blues today, there are a handful of guiding lights to make sure the music stays true to its powerful source. The sound of pleasure and pain that first sparked musicians to create such a sound is a force that can never be underestimated. The mojo has to be there. For Jimmie Vaughan, he's dedicated his life to making sure the blues not only stays alive, but remains full of life and an inspiration to all who listen. It's a spirit he holds close to him, and for over 50 years of holding the blues close inside him, Vaughan isn't about to stop now.